Author - Securiti Smart

GC3 Control Panel First Looks

We are getting our hands on the new GC3 control panel from 2GiG which is raising the standards for in home security and automation. This fully interactive 7" touch screen display will become the centerpiece for any home control system.  The list of features it brings to the table is impressive, and the flexibility to have a system that can be updated with new features over time, make it one of the most modular platforms we have seen. We are [...]

Welcome to SecuritiSmart

The doors may be just opening to the website, but operations have been in full swing here at SecuritiSmart.  We tried to keep very secretive about what we were doing.  By secretive, we mean we of course told everybody we knew about this cool service.  Try to get Eric to NOT talk about it, we dare you.  Needless to say, the secret is out and we can't keep the doors closed any longer. That being said, the website is forever [...]