Halloween Security Guide

Halloween Security Guide

Tricks or Treats?

It’s a scary time of year.  Ghosts and Goblins are getting ready to roam the streets and keeping the young ones safe is a top priority.  Your Smart Home may be more useful as you think. Not only automate safety for the kids, you can put a little something scary into your home, making your house a Spooky Smart Home. Here is our 2016 Guide to How to use some of those Smart automation tools to get the most out of Halloween.


This one is a MUST HAVE this Halloween.  Setup your doorbell for motion detection to know when the scary ones have arrived.  Be extra spooky and speak back to them, without opening the door.  Video clips will automatically be saved to your secure account so you can replay the scary moments later or find the best costume that came through this year.


Setup your lights to turn on automatically when it gets too dark. That will keep the kids safe and have them coming up to your house.  Going for the scare factor, use your motion detection to setup a staged prop on the porch and have the lights illuminate it when anybody approaches.  Change out your landscaping lights for something more colorful and now you have gone from safe, to approachable creepy.


Did you walk away from the door, forgetting to lock it behind you.  Before the zombies invade your home have the door lock automatically.  Better yet, open your smart phone and see that the doors are locked from your smart app giving you peace of mind to get back to whatever it is you were doing.


Mood settings are all the trend now.  With one button press or trigger your house can go from warm and welcoming to house of terror.  Tie into an automated outlet, and you can even queue the creepy music.

Want to setup an extra FUN scene.  Cut out some silhouettes and put them in your windows with the room lights off.  Then when the kids approach, automate the inside lights to turn on, revealing your ghoulish homestead.


Halloween is usually fun, but that doesn’t mean we have to let our guard down.  Prevent yourself from being scared by window creepers and people out to find scariness in all the wrong places with night vision enable cameras.  There is a good chance that this halloween will be a Creepy Clown invasion and we want to be ready.


Keep your entire security system ARMED when you are handing out candy out one of the doors.  The SMART DOOR BYPASS recognizes you are at the door, allows you to open it, while keeping the back door and other triggers on alert.  Make sure you are only handing out treats and not becoming the trick this year.

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