Control your home security solution with ease and confidence. The fool-proof control panel connects wirelessly to the sensors in your home and communicates with SecuritiSmart using a safe and secure cellular connection. Control of your entire home is clear and convenient with this simple touch-screen interface.

Door / Window Sensors

Rest easy knowing your state-of-the-art security sensors are protecting any vulnerable areas within your home ready to trigger the alarm if an entry point is breached.

Glass Breakage Sensor

Using sound detection, these sensors will trigger an alarm if any glass is broken within a 20 foot radius. Rest assured these vulnerable areas are secured.

Motion Sensor

Detect movement within a 90-degree area of these sensors. Consider these an additional level of defense against undetected intrusion.

Garage Door Controls

Securing your garage from potential intrusions, get notifications when the door opens or even set the door to close when you reach a certain distance with GPS based event triggers.


Get a custom quote!

There are hundreds of options and sensors available for your system.  Sometimes the easiest way to choose, is to let us set it up for you.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Monitor your home, 24-hours-a-day, from this silent killer. Be notified immediately if levels of this gas rise.

Fire Smoke Freeze Sensor

Protect your home against the smoke, flames, and the heat of a fire with these smart monitored sensors. At the same time monitor against freezing temperatures to prevent bursting pipes.

Flood Sensor

Water damage can ruin a home and without proper monitoring, it could go unnoticed until it’s too late. Add a flood sensor to your SecuritiSmart package for added peace-of-mind.

Image Sensor

Monitor your home, day and night, with this easy-to-use option. If this sensor detects motion in the area, it snaps a picture that you’re able to view from anywhere in the world with a convenient smartphone app.

Cameras and Automation

Indoor Cameras

Stay connected to the inside of your home with as Indoor Wireless Camera. Whether you are keeping an eye on loved ones or making sure any contractors stick to their work, these make it easy.

Outdoor Cameras

Monitor your property and belongings for an unmatched level of security and confidence with our lineup of outdoor night vision cameras.

Door Locks

Never get locked out of your home again or risk having somebody find a hidden key.  Our remote locks allow you to unlock and lock the door remotely.

Smart Thermostat

Upgrade your thermostat and you can control your homes environment from anywhere, saving energy as you go.

Control Outlets

Take control of any device in your home by replacing them with our Z-Wave enabled outlet.

Control Switches

Replace any switch in your home with a Z-Wave enabled device and take control of lights and fans.

Smart Doorbells with Live Video

Replace your traditional doorbell with a smart video doorbell and you can see who is at the door and talk to them from anywhere.