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We are here to help.  Call us for setup and support information. Call us if you have questions on how this will work in your home. Call us if you just made some amazing cookies and want to send us some.  We love cookies.  If you are having any life threatening emergency, you should call 911.


We have assembled some of our more popular questions we are asked into this section. If we don't have it here, please ask.

We love tree houses! Most definitely can we put some security on them.  Especially since everything we have is wireless.  We can keep out intruders and our support team is always looking to use a rope swing.  To be fair, we don’t get asked this one very often, which means you should ask us something else, so we can fill in more questions that help others.   If you do call and ask about the tree house rope swing, well, that would be pretty cool too.

Yes!  We have APPS available for Apple, Android and Windows smartphones.  Go to our CONNECT page to access all of the downloads and resources you need.   If you don’t want to use an app, you can connect to your system any smartphone by going to and using your account to login.