Video Monitoring Stand Alone 12mo

Video Monitoring Stand Alone 12mo


Stand alone video monitoring service from is the quickest way to get live video and alerts from your home, without an expensive investment. Control up to four cameras and 1000 video clips.


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12 months of video monitoring service through This STAND ALONE service allows you to use the features without subscribing to alarm monitoring services. Purchase this service to utilize up to 4 cameras, one of which can be a Smart Doorbell with video. This service is designed to store up to 1000 video clips. For additional capacity, look into our expanded video services.

Existing customers should not purchase this service, as they have the option to add video monitoring services onto their existing account for a discounted cost.

All of our services are available without a subscription, please contact us for month to month costs if you do not wish to purchase 12 months of service.