Rochester Homearama 2016

Rochester Homearama 2016

July 16-24th, 2016

We are excited to be part of the Rochester Homearama this year.  SecuritiSmart partnered with Aristo Homes to help showcase the latest in security and smart home automation technologies.

If you are headed out to Homearama this year, SecuritiSmart is in the Aristo home.  We are showing off how you can control your home from anywhere, set alerts and reminders when you leave doors open, and even get images sent straight to your phone when somebody enters a room or comes to the door.

If you have never been to Homearama it’s a pretty special event.  The Rochester Home Builders Association works with local home builders to create an entire neighborhood showcase.  They close off the streets to a new housing development and you can walk around from house to house, looking at what the builders have to offer.

Because the roads may not be mapped out yet, since it is a new development, we have put the GPS coordinates into the map below, so you can use it for direction.

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