Home Video Cameras

Video Monitoring

Upgrading your home with security cameras is easier than ever. For most modern homes we can setup a wireless camera system in one day, allowing you to capture and record video any time, day or night.

Not ready for full alarm system monitoring, just to get cameras?  We offer stand alone video monitoring services at a fraction of the cost. You can setup a video only system, and still get the ability to run everything from one app. Check your cameras, get alerts when motion is detected, and even connect to your smart doorbell intercom system.

Real Time Access

Get instant alerts with smart video capture and never miss a moment with continuous recording. Use the system to check up on the kids, the pets or your valuables and see what’s happening live.

Take advantage of live streaming, smart clip capture with secure cloud storage, instant video alerts and continuous high definition recording.


Create your own custom alerts or tie into your alarm system to create the most interactive options to match your lifestyle.

Car Pulls In the Driveway
Rings the Doorbell
Door is Opened
Motion Detected
On-Demand Recording

Triggered, On-Demand, and Continuous Recording

You can check your cameras from your mobile phone from anywhere, any time.  You can begin recording on demand, or set them up to record whenever important or movement happens in zones you setup.

Many people want to record everything all of the time.  SecuritiSmart offers a continuous video recording solution utilizing Stream Video Recorder (SVR) technology as an optional upgrade.  By compressing the video we avoid affecting your bandwidth and are able to capture a 24×7 stream of what’s happening at a property providing cloud-based video clip access from anywhere.

Not having the video stored on-premise, ensures that it is available to review with authorities.
A full access log of the video, lets you know who has viewed it.

Doorbell Integration

You can integrate your doorbell and turn it into a video camera with powerful tools, all tied into your Alarm.com app through SecuritiSmart. Turn your door into an intercom you can access anywhere, set alerts when somebody walks up to your door or pushes the button.